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I wonder if the more you slap the more satisfied you’ll be? Only one way to find out. :P

4 Responses to “Own the Look of Satisfaction TODAY!”  

  1. 1 Steve Chism

    I was a Navy corpsman (medic) and had the priviledge of giving Navy Captain Glenn Ford his annual physical at my Dispensary on Treasure Island, Ca. He was a true gentleman, and I really enjoyed the couple hours we could visit both of the years I was assigned to his physical. A very nice man, and a fine American. And a darned good actor.

  2. 2 Curtis

    Whatever she did, I bet she won’t do it again…

  3. 3 Ominous Red

    OMG man! This needs to be a t-shirt now!

  4. 4 someone you wouldn't like

    i would love to slap you

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